Industrial & Commercial Hand Cleaner, Liquid Soap, Sanitizer & Cleansers

We stock an extensive and varied range of different hand cleansers that are suitable for industrial and commercial use. Our large variety of products range in size from singular pump hand soap to 10kg packs of cleanser paste.

With our wide selection of sanitizer, liquid soap and cleansers we are assured that you will find everything you need here at Chaucer Solutions. Hand cleaner we supply for industrial purposes include; 10 litre packs of beaded red hand gel, 4.4 litre tubs of resin and ink hand cleaner, 5 litre cartons of bactericidal hand soap, and different sizes of citrus paste cleanser. 

For more commercial use, products we supply include; luxury bar soap, individual liquid hand soap pump packs, and instant sanitizer dispenser packs..


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