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Blocked Drains
Posted on 16th December 2011

Blocked drains are normally caused by putting too much food waste or fats down the sink. The fats solidify in the U bend preventing the flow of water which keeps the system clear and free. The same with toilets, too much paper, effluent, nappies etc: prevent the free flowing of the system.

The quickest solution to unblocking a drain, toilet or sink is to use Chaucer Solutions FLOWRITE. This powerful chemical, instantly dissolves organic waste turning it into a liquid sludge. This allows the water to flow and take the waste product into the mains drainage.

 It is simple to use. Just pour a quarter of a litre directly into the sink or toilet and allow it 5 to 10 minutes to work. Flush with water and the blockage should be removed. 

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Posted on 17th March 2011
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Posted on 16th March 2011

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